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One Year of Chhichhore | Open Letter to Aniruddh 'Anni' Pathak(Sushant Singh Rajput) - TPQ

Dearest Aniruddh 'Anni' Pathak,

The photographs in the album often end up telling many stories, of friends and college life one at a time where you feel like hugging your friends for that one time again, collecting all the smiles, laughter, feelings all in once. You walked in our lives just like that in the same way, making us all nostalgic with fuzzy flashbacks running at the back of our minds.

Aniruddh, there's a lot to be said about you, but first to begin with I saw in you as to how a friend is supposed to be, supportive and different, the one with whom you would share your worries and quirks on this topsy turvy ride called Life. The bond that you had with each one of them was an unexpected one that turned out to last for a lifetime.

Wasn't it a tough fight that you had with wing H3 putting up a fight against them as never in the history had the wing H4 won any general championship, yes, you tried hard though you didn't succeed. When you saw your son oscillating between life and death, you realized that how as humans, we have been made to believe in an "uncomfortable lie" that we assume to be the 'comfortable truth," ''that the winner of the race is the one who that stands out to be rewarded."

Come to think of it. How many of us celebrate "failure"? How many of us reward themselves if we fail even at the smallest act? Maybe not scoring well in an exam, losing a competition or championship, a video game, or even that elocution competition. 'Anni' you weren't a loser, you were a part of a group of six friends who left us with a message that success isn't as important as efforts are.

"Hum Haar Jeet, Success Failure Mein Itna Ulajh Gaye Hai, Ki Zindagi Jeena Bhool Gaye Hai. Zindagi Mein Agar Kuch Sabse Zyada Important Hai, Toh Woh Hai Khud Zindagi.''

Writing to you on a note of hope that my 'Chhichhore' turns out to be as eccentric as yours while we would raise a toast to our reunion somewhere down the lane.


By Saloni Sharma

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