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Open Letter to Shruti from the movie Barfi - The Project Quote

Dear Shruti,

Wouldn't it be gratifying if lovers could just transcend into the universe as two glimmering specks of stardust?

Lightyears away from the constant fear of "log kya kahenge?" taunts and all the obligations that the society throws upon us.

But what even is this society?

Is it so important to let it decide who we are supposed to be with?

Maybe like a pendulum, the answer to this question oscillates towards both

'Yes' as well as 'No'.

You will know it better.

The first time I saw you, you looked prettier than vanilla skies and Ghalib's shayeris.

There was something magnificent about you and maybe that's why Barfi fell in love with you. You too couldn't resist your love for him despite being engaged to someone else. Maybe that's why they say,

"Love is blind".

But despite being in love, you chose the safer option. Your answer oscillated towards the 'yes' of the pendulum and you gave in to societal pressure.

I will not blame you for your choice.

You were afraid, Barfi wouldn't have been able to take care of you because of his infirmity.

So, you chose Ranjeet because he could give you a smoother life.

Coincidentally meeting Barfi after so many years was like painting your life in hues of VIBGYOR by overshadowing the shades of black and grey that earlier painted your life.

For a moment, it felt like the young playful girl is you were alive again, was cheerful again.

You never stopped loving Barfi. It was evident by the look in your eyes when you caught a glimpse of him after all those years. Your heart sang a melody,

"Phir le aaya dil majboor kya keeje

Raas naa aaya rehna door kya keeje"

Unfortunately, sometimes second chances do not allow us to mend things.

Things don't always go back to being the way they were.

So, when you saw the innocently nurtured love between Barfi and Jhilmil, a stinging sorrow pierced your heart.

But soon, your expression of sorrow shifted to a smile of acceptance after realizing that Barfi has moved on in his life by embracing Jhilmil's affection.

You stood by Barfi like a pillar, when the rumors of Jhilmil's death floated in the air.

When you accompanied Barfi to Jhilmil's childhood home, Jhilmil was continuously calling his name.

At that moment you could have pretended not to hear her.

But you embodied 'selfless love' by telling Barfi that she was calling his name.

It was because of you, Barfi and Jhilmil's love story became complete even if yours remained incomplete.

You chose that incompleteness because you knew, Barfi's happiness relied on Jhilmil's smile and at any cost, you wanted to see him happy.

Shruti, your story has a beautiful sense of familiarity.

We can all somewhere deep down connect to that incompleteness.

History claims that often the best love stories are not destined to be completed.

Quoting Rumi "Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along".

Yours lovingly.


By Dipjoyee

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