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Open Letter to Sima Aunty from Indian Matchmaking (Netflix) - The Project Quote

Dear Sima Aunty,

Hi! I am Mansi from Chandigarh? Jaipur? Gurgaon?

Well, I am not sure where I am from because I have been bought up in different cities of our country. So I am sure you have found one more thing that is going to be difficult while you find “Men” for me. But wait don’t be too quick to judge me because I am going to give you many more reasons to call me difficult to match with.

First and foremost, I am overweight and don’t fit the “Beauty Standards” of our county and I have an opinion on things which I am allowed to have BTW. So when you try to find someone for me tell him he needs to respect what I am going to say.

You know Aunty while watching the whole show I was not shocked at all because the problem was not your in your thinking but it is in the world we are living. I was not shocked by those atrocious remarks because I have heard them all my life by Relatives, Family Friends, Neighbour wali aunties, and sometimes people from my generation as well.

So blaming you will be wrong because you think the same way that more than half the population of this country thinks and that is what we need to change. And honestly, I found you sweet during most of the show. And yeah I love your confidence, damn aunty!! that confidence is fire.

Also, I feel you should launch your own matrimony or dating website. It sure will be hit. My only suggestion will be to keep the same rules for men and women on that website and in life. If a man is allowed 150 left swipes same should go for a woman. Anyways I hope you are doing well and keeping busy. Also, hope this hate and memes on the internet don’t get to you because we all are waiting for season two.

Yours Truly,

A not so suitable girl.


By Mansi Hotchandani

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