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Pehla Nasha | A Song That's Not Bound By Time, Age, And Generations; Only Emotions | TPQ


"First love", every first is special; but first love? That's one feeling that you can't get out of your memories. It's always fresh and blooming; a memory so bright that it can light up even the most sombre of nights. That first experience of having butterflies fluttering in the stomach; the blush that highlighted your cheeks.

Udta hi phiru, inn hawaon mein kahi

Ya mai jhool jau inn ghataon mein kahi

This has been the background track of the movies that we made in our minds starring ourselves and that "pehla pyaar." Walking past each other in a corridor, trying not to be caught looking and failing at it or passing a smile across the room, even the smallest of interactions could make one brim with joy.

Every flower seemed more colorful, every chirp seemed sweeter, every step had an added spring to it and every minute seemed like a dramatic scene from the movie. And this song added the much needed musical golden touch to it.

The sheer beauty of this song is how it could evoke in so many people, an entire generation may be, the same kind of emotions and imagination; how everyone embraced the song and has never let go, even now; how it brings a smile every single time. And most importantly, how it can even make a long-gone love feel like a happy memory.

Usne baat ki kuch aise dhang se

Sapne de gaya woh hazaro rang ke

It's amazing how the lyrics of this song depict the emotions and thoughts of a young, budding infatuation with such beauty! How, at some lines, some of us can admit to having felt the same at some point in life and some of us can hope to feel those "butterflies" later on.

I don't think any amount of words or description can do justice to this iconic masterpiece; a song that '80s and 90's kids carry in their hearts and the generations before and after them, love it equally!

// A song that's not bound by time, age and generations; only emotions//


By Shruti Raja

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