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Photograph | Ed Sheeran | Song Synopsis | The Project Quote

In this era of everything digital, we all want a person who would still carry around the physical prints of love. And this is a song that tells how much a photograph means in a person's life. It is proof of a person's memory we will always hold on to. Sometimes it reminds us of the happy times and sometimes the sad ones but will always give you a nostalgic feeling of a moment.

This song begs the listener to linger for every word, for every sentence. Every time you will listen to the song, it will melt your heart and will make you emotional and will also remind you of your past love and the photographs you have with them.

It makes us feel like that it would be easier if we move on from all those things which hurt us but in the end we all hope our person to come home, to come back to us.

The "photograph" will make you feel lost in the memories and reminding you of a wonderful time you have spent with the one you love.

"Photograph" will make you realize the importance of a moment, of a memory which will stay in our heart forever and ever.


By Nandini Goyal

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