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Times When Even "Hmmmm" Makes Our Day Better

1. O Sanam (Lucky Ali)

When Lucky Ali said "Samjhe zamana ki dil hai khilauna, Jaane hai ab kya hai dil ka lagaana", you are reminded of the times when you loved people from all your heart, and eventually, you ended up alone, with a broken heart and shattered dreams. The song gives a surge of pain as the casket of memories is laid open, right there in your mind.

2. Ye Kya Hua (Broken but beautiful)

It's winter, you're sitting on the terrace, feeling the cold breeze on your face. Someone walks in, they hold your hand, and in a moment you feel the warmth of love you've been craving for ages. The cracks your heart wear, the bleeding wounds from your past have started to fade away from the time you've found the one

3. Hosanna - Ek Deewana Tha

"Hosanna, Madhoshi deewangi

Hosanna, Main aur teri bandagi

Hosanna, Ab hai yehi zindagi"

A mellow track to celebrate the love spread in the air. The song makes you feel the fluttering of butterflies when you see someone, and fall head over heels for them.

4. Yad Lagla (Shreya Ghoshal)

Yad Lagla is a melody that beautifully entwines the memories of how silly yet crazy people become when they're in love. They smile a lot more, and the song perfectly celebrates the feeling of first love. It hits different when you've just known the first feeling of butterflies after losing yourself to someone who makes you believe in the fairy tales.

5. Mera Mann Kahne Laga (Ayushman Khurana)

Love knows no distance. When you are truly in love with someone, no force in the world can detach you from them. You make promises to stick to each other till the end of eternity. More than a song, it is an ode to celebrate love which is fearless, and people who solemnly swear to not give up on this feeling, no matter what's coming their way.

6. Hmmm Dil Sambhal Jaa Jara (Murder 2)

Finding the one who promises to stay and stays with you forever is rare. In order to find the one, you experience a few heartbreaks. You're broken from inside, but still, your heart is courageous enough to give love another chance.

7. Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya (Sarfarosh - Jagjit Singh)

The song is a walk down memory lane. The words are weaved in a poetry 5 minutes and 6 seconds long, and as euphonious as it is to the ears, it's a treat for the eyes as well. Sometimes you prefer not to confess your love to someone because you fear losing them. You silently watch them from a distance and live your kind of forever in this short span of time.

By Adity Sinha

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