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POV: Does Corona Virus bring out the worst from us? - The Project Quote News

Delhi Police files case against the man who spat on a Manipuri girl, calling her 'Corona'. The incident happened on Sunday night at Vijaya Nagar. Small eyed people from North East and North India have alleged that they have been racially targeted after the outbreak of Corona.

On March 3, two students from the Northeast have beaten up by six men in Delhi University's campus. Many foreigners are being harrassed and treated racially in many parts of India. Their luggage have been thrown out from their hotels and asked to evacuate the rooms. It is creating a huge terror and panic among tourists.

On March 20 one couple from Taiwan had faced this discrimination from locals of Jaisalmer, teasing them Corona Virus. The man is a social documentary photographer, claimed that he would tell other people about this discriminatory behaviour and recommend everyone not to visit India.

Soon, the virus will leave India but what will we do with the real viruses of our society. We should strictly condemn such ill practices in India.

By Prachi Dharamshaktu

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