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POV: This quarantine life is tough, isn't it? : The Kashmir Diaries

This quarantine life is tough, isn't it?

Now imagine it for several months without internet access or mobile network or any news updates and also without knowing the cause of the curfew/shutdown, also without knowing when it would end. Not only our government did that to Kashmiris, but we also celebrated it being done to them. To all those people who are gonna tell me this is an unfair comparison as we are currently dealing with a state of life and death, don't you remember those minors detained, or do you remember those Kashmiris whose family members have been disappearing. Many have been waiting for their return or at least getting confirmation of their death from years. Imagine being a situation of lockdown and not even knowing the well being of your loved ones. Imagine fearing every night that they might come for you and family too to put in detention.

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