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Professor From The Money Heist Is A Geek, To Be Precise, A Geek With The Mind Of A Devil

Dear Professor,

What must I say? You are one of a kind. You are the dagger dipped in sweet poison. By look, you are a geek, to be precise, a geek with the mind of a devil. Heists as such were never imagined but your master plan was something that made it happen. You are such a simple person but your thoughts reflect how sharp you are.

What is most attractive about you is your farsightedness, the way you predicted the possibilities, your way of judging human character, your style of sabotaging pieces of evidence, and dear God, you even tamed Tokyo, the wildest. Your tone while talking to inspectors gave us goosebumps. Your way of saying "So tell me inspector" was something electrifying.

It was really hard for your viewers to predict what would happen next. You are a man of great skills. The way you handled Polermo and gave him back the authorities while knowing the dark side was just unpredictable for us. At times we doubted your decisions but as always, you were the winner.

But what we loved the most was your sweetest melancholy is the way you got drowned in nostalgia, and the best part was when Sergio Marquina and Andres de Fonolossa (Berlin) sang Bella Ciao in that empty hall. Though we don't know what that song means but we just can't get over listening to it more than a million times.

I hated it when you broke into tears for losing Lisboa but watching your rage taking over your emotional patch was thrilling.

Your shy nature with the girls (Tokyo and Nairobi) was so cheesy and romantic and I couldn't get my eyes off it.

Tapping on your spectacles while you were troubled was something I tried a lot but failed to do in the perfect manner you did. We will never get over such a mastermind and watching each episode on the loop is worth it because your tactics are too tricky to digest at once.

You have given this generation one hell of enthusiasm and euphoria.

Wishing you all the super successes in your heists and hoping to watch more of your brain games ahead.


The girl who loves your Heists.

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