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Things F.R.I.E.N.D.S Taught Us

1. Remember when our 'lobsters' found their own 'lobsters' and completed their promises of 'forever? From Monica and Chandler portraying the perfect fairy tale love full of all the 'awe moments' to Ross and Rachel showing the true reality of struggles thrown at us by life? Or Phoebe and Mike having the most dreamy wedding after all those ups and downs? All of them showed us that if it's meant to be it will find its way out and when it does nothing in the world can affect it. 2. When Rachel left her luxurious life she's been leading since the beginning and becomes a waitress or when Chandler quits his job to pursue something he truly loves taught us that it's never too late to start again and when you're not happy doing something it's better to take a break from it and discover your self again because your individuality is above you monthly incomes.

3. Ross and Rachel together taught us how much effort it takes to let your love survive. In a world full of fairy tale love like Monica and Chandler's I'd still choose the imperfect reality of yours because you showed the world that it takes patience to build something so beautiful.

4. Ross taught us to smile in the hardest of times and to be selfless in love. When Emily sent those roses back or when he had to leave his job for a sandwich. Ross never lost hope and kept flashing his perfect smile every time. From leaving his interview to trying everything to stop Rachel and then letting her go for her happiness. Ross explained to us how to be the epitome of positivity and selfless love.

5. The girl gang of F.R.I.E.N.D.S taught us true feminism in their own perfect ways. Monica who overcame her teenage insecurities and became a chef (mostly a male-dominated profession) to Phoebe who once lived on the streets but later on becomes a happy girl cherishing her weirdness in the most alluring manner and Rachel who became an independent woman and then decides to raise Emma as a self-sufficient single mother. They showed each face how strong a woman can be. 6. Joey was a child in a man's body and he left 16 years ago teaching us to cherish the child living within all of us without caring about other's opinions. He taught us to be unapologetic-ally weird and to choose our priorities above everything. From eating a whole turkey alone to ruining a date by choosing food over the girl he explained to us that it's important to choose your happiness above anything in the world.

7. Sometimes it's okay to have no plans. When Rachel left her luxuries behind she knew she won't be having a settled life. She would have to struggle to be happy and still she chooses her individuality above them. And after all those years she got the greatest treasures of her life, her 'magic beans' ; her friends.

8. I have no idea if a selfless noble deed exists in the world or not but the lessons I learned from Phoebe of generosity and kindness she portrayed by giving birth to the triplets were above any values of the world. Phoebe was the most beautifully obnoxious character ever who taught us empathy towards all the creatures of the world. 9. Each character of F.R.I.E.N.D.S had there own set of flaws. Sometimes they tried improving it and sometimes they cherished their crooked scared self. But in the end, they accepted each other wholeheartedly without trying to change the others. They taught us that true friends stand for you no matter what. They don't care if you've had three divorces, you're broken financially, you're weird, you're obsessive or even a little high maintenance sometimes. They accept you with your flaws comforting and supporting you at every stage of life.

By Anannya Pal

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