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Songs Of Life

18 years ago, when I stumbled off my bicycle while I tried to balance the weight of growing up on my newly broad shoulders, with no one around to help me wipe off my wounds, I learned that my heart too was going to stumble many times, & no one would be around to pick it up.

//Roothe dil Jhoothe dil Toote dil

Hai kya teri mushkil

O just go to hell dil//

15 years ago, when my aunt scolded me for always being too disinterested around others while I tried to smile my way through all the “fat jokes”, with no one around to wipe my tears, I learned that even though people were unkind to my body, I had to silently shed their negativity like my tears.

//Kabhi kabhi chupke se chupke se rona

Hai zaroori

Paani paani ankhiyon ka ankhiyon ka hona

Hai zaroori//

12 years ago, when I tried to make it to school each day after a fight with my best friend, while I felt a boulder weighing my heart down every time I saw her face, I learned that heartbreak comes in many forms, but nothing is more painful than losing your favorite person & being able to do nothing about it.

//Abhi mausamon ka badalna baaki hai

Saathi rey thoda thehar ja

Kuch door saath chalna baaki hai//

9 years ago, when I scored way more marks in my exams than I’d ever expected myself to, while I saw the proud yet nonchalant, accepting look on my parents’ face, I learned that people who truly love you will always believe in you, whether you do or not.

//Kadmon pe tere baadal jhukenge

Jab tak tujhe ehsaas hai

Kyun roshni tu baahar talaashe

Teri mashaale hain ander tere//

6 years ago, when a boy walked away from me for the first time, while my mind had already woven a tale of our forever together, I learned that some wounds can’t be healed with love of any kind, & the only thing that can make these scars fade, is time.

//Fiqrein jo thi, peeche reh gayi

Nikle unse aage hum

Hawa mein beh rahi hai zindagi

Yeh hum se keh rahi hai zindagi

Oho, ab toh, jo bhi ho so ho//

3 years ago, when I had my first sleepless night because thoughts of abandonment, loneliness & failure started living rent-free in my head, while I forced myself to count my blessings, I learned that even the darkest nights end, when a less painful morning arrives.

//Maana kabhi kabhi sare jahan mein andhera hota hai

Lekin raat ke baad hi to savera hota hai//

This year, when the world around me was crumbling to pieces, while remnants of loss & devastation left their marks on my soul & a million others, I learned that life was too short to fret over, & that every single time someone tries to clip my wings, all I have to do, is soar higher & higher.

//Ghar tera saloni badal ki colony

Dikhlade thenga inn sabko

Jo udna na jane

Udiyo na dariyo//

By Aashvi Shah

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