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Tera Chehra | Adnan Sami | Song Synopsis | The Project Quote

ये ज़मीन रूक जाएं, आसमान झुक जाएं

तेरा चेहरा जब नज़र आएं ।

It's 2 am right now and I'm staring at your photographs or actually, our photographs. We're so in love. Me, posing for the photograph and you simply looking at me with a smile on your face.

Your hazel eyes, black hair, and that grin look perfect. Your hands-on mine, your eyes on me, and mine on camera. A photograph to be cherished forever.

तू इजाज़त दे अगर, तुझसे थोड़ा प्यार मैं कर लूं जाने जान

बैठ मेरे सामने, हाले दिल खाली नज़र भर लूं जाने जान।

It's been days since I've been able to meet you. I know we facetime every day, we talk on calls and text each other. Yet, I just want to sit with you on that silver bench in the park when the cool breeze will be flowing, kissing our cheeks and all I'll be doing is just admire you. I want to click photographs of yours with my eyes, every time I blink and save them in my heart. FOREVER.

तू खफा हों जाए, रात अभी हों जाए

दिन तेरे आंचल में छुप जाएं, छुप जाएं।

Every time you get upset about something or someone, I want to vanish your agonies and be a reason for you to smile. For, your agonies brings gloominess in my life. Your happiness is sunshine for me which gets hidden when your lips curve down.

You're a rainbow for me, filling my life with every color possible and paint the white blank canvas with your love.

तु अगर कह दे मुझे, चांद भी ले आऊं जाने जान, जाने जान

एक तारा मांग ले आसमान ले आऊं जाने जान, जाने जान।

It's been so long since I've rested my head on your shoulder, you playing with my hairs and entangling your fingers in them.

As soon as the dusk sets in, I look up at the stars and moon. I've always heard men saying they bring the moon and stars for their love. But this time, I want to say, even I can. Only for you! I won't say "I love you to the moon and back" because even that distance can't cover my love's approach.

याद तु जब आएं, नींद भी ले जाएं

ख्वाबों के जंगल में छुप जाएं, छुप जाएं।

Every night, your memories steal my sleep and make a house in my mind. I keep on wandering in a dreamland where I could see myself with you falling in love even more.

You're a reason for me to live, you're hoping for me to wake up every morning.

You're someone who holds a part of my heart.

For, I'm in love with you and will be in love with you, FOREVER


Song Synopsis by Shweta Sarkar

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