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To Hansa Ben On 10 Years Of Khichdi, The Movie | The Project Quote

"Jayshree Krishna Hansa Ben! Kemcho?"

Aapki bole toh,

"Hello, How are? Khana khake jana, haan?"

Stunned that time flew so fast and surprisingly it's been a decade since our first confrontation through the silver screen and still, you never fail out to be my all-time stress buster and turning out to be a stock of convulsing laughter. In this maniac world where it's an utter difficult task to fake a smile while glancing at the mirror and be true enough to our self nurtured emotions, feasting eyes on Khichdi takes me to a utopian land far away from the harsh realities of life, to burst out laughing forth from within the soul without any reason

Hansa Ben, you're like a kaleidoscope of hysteria which helps to reflect and re-reflect the unrevealed emotions of a tender human heart through your colorful and well-structured attributes of humor and uncommon absurdity that is required to simplify the complex living. Your film might be tagged as unappetizing Khichdi, but for me, it's not less than a bucket of flavorsome Biriyani

From sardonically jeering at your Bapuji, to blindly supporting your Himanshu Bhai for fulfilling his witless dream of turning his easy-going love story with Parminder into a cryptic one; from walking hand in hand with Jayashree to eagerly questioning Praful the meaning of new words

‘Praful cultured matlab?’

‘Kal-Chadd Hansa’

‘Praful order Matlab?’

‘Aur-darr Hansa’

These brainless acts of yours even today soothingly brush nostalgia in the pale blank sheets of my mind. A Gujurati Stree with mogre ka gajra, and bespangled with Kundan jewelry and beautiful bindi, who will irrevocably betroth you to chuckle to stomachache, is what I would always opt to view with my family and friends over anything else.

Thank you for bringing to my trust that even though laughter can't solve the complications of life, it can certainly dissolve them. Warm regards for being the oil of mirth to all the rust of anxiety, hopelessness, and moroseness of my life. Not a single dialogue of Khichdi would have been imprinted in memory lane in your absence

Haash, mein toh thak gaya ben!


Someone who is lying ahead of her Hansa in his life.


By Jigyansu Das

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