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Why Do We Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi? - The Project Quote

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Why We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi?

Goddess Parvati had gone for a bath and to keep guard of the door, she made a boy from the turmeric paste on her body. After Shiva had come out of his meditation, the boy did not let Shiva meet his own wife. After continuous warnings, peaceful Shiva severed the boy's head. Soon, Parvati came out, and seeing all of this, she decided to destroy the entire Creation in rage. Lord Brahma requested Parvati to calm down and She said she would, but only if her boy will be brought back to life, and will be worshipped before all the other gods forever. Brahma and Shiva agreed to this and the head of a strong elephant, Gajasura was placed onto the boy's body and he was declared as Gajanana. Thus, the festival coincides with the birth of the elephant-headed god.

Why is Ganesh Visrjan done?

The ritual is done to signify the birth cycle of Lord Ganesha; just as he was created from clay/Earth, his symbolic statue is as well. The idol is immersed in water so that Ganesha may return to his home after his ‘stay’ at the devotees’ home or temple where the Ganesha Chaturthi rituals are conducted.

Why Ganesha loves modak the most and reason why is he served 21 Modaks?

Lord Shiva once visited Anusuya at her home along with Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha was served with food first, as Anusuya said that she would serve Lord Shiva only once Ganpati’s hunger had been satiated. She served him one Modak and gave all the remaining to Shiva. After eating the Modak, Ganesha gave a sign of fullness with a loud burp and Lord Shiva also burped 21 times, after eating modaks. Seeing both of them enjoying Modaks this much, she expressed a wish that devotees of Ganpati will always offer 21 Modaks to him and her devotees are following fulfilling her wish for ages.

Why the mouse is Ganesha's vehicle?

There was an Asura named Gajmukhasura who was given a boon that no weapon could kill him. To destroy this demon, Lord Ganesha removed one of his teeth and attacked Gajmukhasura. The demon became a mouse and tried to escape but Lord Ganesha's weapon- Pasha looped around the demon's neck and brought him down. The demon asked for being forgiven and kind-hearted, Lord Ganesha forgave the demon and made him his vehicle.

The Story Of Ganesha And Tulsi

Brahmavavart Puran says, Tulsi Devi was amazed by the charm of Lord Ganesha and went ahead to ask Ganesha to marry her. But Ganesha replied that He will never get married in His life and will always be a Brahmacharya. This angered Tulsi and she cursed Ganesha that He will be getting married soon and will have two wives. Hearing this, Ganesha cursed Tulsi to be a plant forever.


By Rishabh Naudiyal

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