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With 627 new coronavirus deaths, the numbers crossed 4,000 in Italy - The Project Quote News

The novel coronavirus is proving to be dead havoc for Italy. Italy reported 627 new coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. The virus is no less than a deadly nightmare that came true for them.

The Italian government has called the army to enforce coronavirus lockdown. Italy is one of the worst most affected countries in the world from the virus.

After new reports, the death tolls in Italy have crossed 4000 and the numbers bypassed China, where the virus originated from. The total number of deaths in China are 3248.

The doctors are working day and night in Italy to save the lives of people but with more than 15,000 new cases and a total of more than 56,000 people affected with the virus, they are having hard times.

The whole country is under lockdown. But still, there seems to be no stop for the virus. It has already spread through the community infecting more and more people under quarantine.

Stay Safe.

Story by: Vaibhav Rai

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