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5 Songs By Ali Zafar On His Birthday Showing The Epitome Of Talent He Is


Did you also imagine the captivating beauty of a girl with every sentence? A beauty, so bewitching that even makes you fall for her without even seeing it once. This is the magic of Ali Zafar's voice. How inexplicably the lyrics make you ponder through the phases of love from describing your love to describing your life without them.

Tu hi hai

Tu hi hai is a euphony of a love that has just started budding. It spills out all the colors of the sweet breeze of love. This song in itself is so beautiful that it elucidates you to a land of affection and playfulness and Ali Zafar's version just becomes a cherry on the cake here.

Mujhe Tum Nazar Se Gira Toh Rahe Ho

The already evergreen melodious song gets more perfection with the effortless voice of Ali Zafar. His voice hits each chord so perfectly making us feel the pain of every word. Despite the melancholic aura how beautifully this song and his voice still promise that your lover would never forget you.

Voh Dekhnay Me

You'd be lying if you're saying you haven't dedicated this song to your girl bestfriend ever. This is the tagline to annoy her, right?

This song embraces the hidden bubbliness of each girl. Remember the days when we had to pause this song just to write the lyrics. This was the influence of this song.

Pehli Si Muhabbat

All I can start with is uff... With less than 9 million views this is the most underrated gem. The heartbreaking lyrics the melodious composition and the mesmerizing voice of Ali Zafar make you spellbound. This a song without the slightest peck of error in it. The enthralling journey Ali Zafar has made through these songs portrays how fine this man has aged.

Happy Birthday, Ali Zafar!!

By Ananya

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