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Movies That Made Every Mother Emotional

1. Taare Zameen Par

"Dard ki dawa dua hai", As Ishaan’s mom screens through a flipbook Ishaan has made himself, she realizes how distant the boy had started feeling from his family.

The very feeling is enough to make any mother in the world break down having to live with the feeling of pushing one of her kids away.

2. Neerja

"Maine usse kabhi nhi bataya pata nahi kaise usne sabke liye jeena seekh liya"

The relationship between a mother and daughter is special. A mother’s love for her daughter cannot be described in words. Some things are hard to say, but they can be felt. The bond between a mother and daughter is one of the strongest bonds in the world.

3. English Vinglish

"Mard khana banaye toh kala hai. Aurat banaye, toh uska farz hai.”

When a man cooks, it’s an art. But when a woman cooks, it’s her responsibility, this is what we are told right? But do you ever think what will be the condition if our mothers completely boycott doing household chores? Every person in the family has his or her unique feature which cannot be compared with anyone.

4. Mom

"Bhagwan har jagah nahi hota hai, Isiliye toh usne maa banayi hai", the only person in the entire universe who will love you selflessly is your MOTHER.

She's equivalent to God, nobody can replace her. Mothers are like the sun that chases out all darkness and gives the light of happiness and love upon us. We cannot underestimate any job/work, because every work has something that we can learn from.

5. Paa

"Har insan sapne dekhta hai par sapne mei hichki ajaye na toh sapna tot jata hai"

Every single mother of this universe wants her child to be fit and fine and can cross any boundary in order to keep her child safe. Despite knowing that Paa won't survive for long, still his mother kept encouraging him to do all sorts of activities which were his favorite.

A mother is the only person for whom her child will always be her priority.

6. Secret Superstar

"Ammi Hum Chahatai Hai Ke Sara World Hamare Awaaz Sune Poori Dunia Ko Pata Ho Ke Hum Best Singer Hai Mera bhe To Yahe Dream Hai Or Tu Daikhna Zaroor Poora Hoga."

Whether rocking us back to sleep like babies or comforting us during a terrible thunderstorm, our moms didn't get "time off," even in the middle of the night.

Of course, knowing that they were there for us whenever we needed them kept us feeling safe and secure.

7. Helicopter Eela

"Kisi Ke Pechai Apni Poori Zindagi Laga Dena Theek Hai Yaar Par Usai Ghutan Mehsoos Honai Lagay Yai Kaisai Theek Hai”

The lessons that a mother gives her child are priceless. There's nobody in this world who'll think of your betterment more than your mother.

8. Nil Battey Sanatta

Never stop dreaming. Believe in your dreams. Even at the darkest of times, they will inspire you to keep going ahead. Always associate yourself with people who support you and believe in your dreams.

There will also be people who will laugh at them and some will question them. But if you really want it to happen, there is no one stopping you. There's no better motivator than a Mother❤️

By Sruti Bhaumik

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