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A letter to my longtime childhood friends | The Project Quote

A letter to my longtime childhood friends,

We have literally grown up together, from being kids to adults, we thought we will drift apart, and we sure have, but that had not changed our dynamic in the slightest. We are at the stage where we can go years without seeing each other, but when we meet, we'd have the time of our lives.

We have known each other for so long that no matter where we are, creating new friendships and memories, we will never leave our friendship behind. We will always cherish what we have, and that will never fade. At least I can sit for hours, talking and smiling, about all the nostalgic memories we've had.

We will always have each other's back, always. You know why? Because no matter how many differences we might have grown with, while adulting, one thing never changed; our bond. We may have changed our clothing, hair, or choices, but we never did distort our friendship. I have always known you for the real you, grown up with the real you, quite literally.

I am sure, just like always, my parents will always welcome you with open arms, and yours would do the same, because they've seen us grow together, and know that we are here for each other, no matter how many quarrels we have in together.

Let me frame this right; I couldn't have been this grateful, had I was supposed to grow up with any other people. We've seen each other through everything, gossiped about each other, and will always do. I have had endless memories that won't ever fade and I'm so grateful for those. I am so grateful for having you guys, and you have been the most important part of my journey, all along.

I love you guys, and I'll always be here, we'll always be here for each other. Although, if you ask me to murder someone, I might hesitate of course. Because I mean, you are pretty smart on your own.

You will always be my 'forever'.


Your Childhood Friend.

By Ananya Saxena

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