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Earphones Are The True Companion - Open Letter

Dear Earphones,

I wish I could sing this letter to you, though we both know that I sing very badly and my voice is not that melodious but then too with help of slow instrumental music, I would take this chance to narrate this to you as an appreciation letter would convey how important part you have played to make me laugh when I had the lost the will to smile.

I still remember vividly, when I was in school we used to meet in summer vacations when I had to travel by train to my native place. The half an hour time which I spent with you ,listening to only songs which I used to love,back to back without any interruption gave me a rough idea how blissful it is to be in your company. From that very day, I knew you would always be there for me.

As I grew up, you helped me in innumerable ways. It’s not that I don’t love my family or friends but sometimes I need to block out all the noises around me, even the ones which are in my head. With you, I find the solitude, the peace of listening to the music, listening to the song, which is just about me, which no one can hear.

When you are with me,I often see one of these rare moments,when I keep smiling to myself. On some days when I used to cry due to mean things which people said to me, you would just be with me silently, without any music or song playing. Looking through the window,you would sit with me,helping me to be alone for a while and keeping at bay all the suggestions and advice which for that moment weren’t needed at all to me.

Do you remember the times when you used to hang in my ears, and the most irritating group thought I am not hearing any of their chit-chats? Providing me with a bunch of gossips and rumors, you played a vital role to make me and my friends laugh when our schedule was becoming monotonous. Whenever these online lectures were making me sleepy,you were there for me where behind these lectures,we used to binge-watch tons of series and movies. Without your help, I couldn’t do this.

You gave the sign to the world, in a very simple way without making me look that I have an ego or attitude of “Do not Disturb” and made me believe that sometimes we need to be with ourselves, away from all the chaos. Thank you for listening to my different types of songs and being there for me in my worst and my best. Thank you for crying, dancing, singing with me when there was no one other than you who I needed. You are the only one that I will prioritize and keep the longest in my ears with the masks and specs. Thank you for being my shield, my protection. Thank you for being my safety net because with you being my side, it’s easy to say “I can’t hear you”.


Someone who prioritizes you more than my phone.

By Anagha Fulewar

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