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At the age of 8, Messi wrote a letter to a girl promising “One day we will be engaged" - TPQ

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Two little boys, Lionel Messi and Lucas Scaglia met each other while playing football at Newell’s Old Boys youth academy. From sharing passes to sharing conversations about their dreams, they became best friends.

One fine day, Messi was at Scaglia’s home for a little house party and was bewildered by the looks of a young girl at that party. When 9-year-old Messi enquired about that fairy, he turned out to be his best friend, Scaglia’s cousin.

The situation was complicated but the little Leo took the first free-kick of his life and asked Antonella to be his girlfriend. But his proposal hit the woodwork, all she wanted at that time was a friendship with him and they became friends.

Soon, the little magician went to Spain to kick-start his journey towards his ultimate dream of donning the colors of Blaugrana. The distance performed its part but those little encounters, when Messi used to comeback to Rosario kept that ‘something’ well alive between those unaware soulmates.

But in 2005, Antonella’s close friend died in an accident and it was Leo, who assisted her in that traumatic time of her life. The incident strengthens their friendship but soon Antonella came into a relationship with a boy that went on for three-years.

Between those years, she used to communicate with Leo but couldn’t conjecture why she feels something extraordinary, every time she speaks to him. The young lady broke up with her boyfriend because she knew that the connection between her and Messi isn't a normal one.

Despite this huge distance between them, there's something still breathing between them. She knew she was in love with him and discussed it with Leo, who was patiently waiting for her to understand their destiny.

The Argentine in 2009 publicly announced that he’s in a relationship with a girl in Rosario. Years passed in a spin, Antonella has shifted with Messi in Spain, and the couple became parents when their first baby boy, Thiago was born in 2012. After three years, their second child, Mateo was born in 2015. After years of wait, the couple has gotten married in 2017 and is living together peacefully.

The boy, who loved just one girl in his whole life and wrote a letter to her at the age of 8 in which he promised her that “One day we will be engaged.” Such legendary love stories demand loyalty and once Messi said in an interview that “He always knew that he loved her, and she had the sufficient patience to wait for him.” Always remember true love demands persistence, loyalty, and the heart of a hopeless romantic too.

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