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Dear Ayushmann, thanks for telling everyone that “mard ko bhi dard hota hai” & normalizing it | TPP



I was 12 years old, a bubbly pre-teen when I first saw you on my television screen frying fish while this beautiful song played in the background. While all the boys in my class were busy proving there masculinity you told me that sweet( and gorgeously handsome) guys like you exist.

You are not the stereotypical “strong” and “macho” man that the industry idolizes. You are someone who reminds me of Papa, ironing( sometimes burning) Ma’s clothes in the morning so that she is never late to work.

Be it Vicky Arora from or Baankey Rastogi, you played ordinary men with extraordinarily real problems. You break down the complexities which probably no one would ever talk about with such simplicity that I don’t feel awkward watching your work with Ma sitting next to me. Also, she wants me to add that she doesn’t feel awkward either(most of the time).

Probably a year ago, I remember scrolling through Instagram(aimlessly) when I stumbled upon something which never stops moving me.

It was a picture of you and your wife just after her chemo sessions.

There are very few people who celebrate battles before they are fought.

//Paa le tu aisi fateh samundar tere paas aane se dare//

Even fewer who celebrate scars.

//4th February 2019//

You, my dear, leave us speechless time and again.

I do not have as magical a voice as yours(I sound like a goat when I sing) but never the less, here I am singing.

“Happy Birthday to You.”

Have a great 36th.

Keep blessing our hearts with your work.




(P.S: Thanks for telling everyone that “mard ko bhi dard hota hai” and normalizing it.)


By Arundhati

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