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For students who passed 12th but haven't joined the college yet - The Project Quote

1. Choose the course

The first thing students get tensed about the career they really want to pursue about 12th. It's the time they need to choose what they really want to do and focus on it completely

2. Which college to choose

Students always get confused about choosing a college, they always have options, and choosing one of them gets difficult.

3. Never lose your hopes

Even if you got low marks don't get depressed. There are many options and you can always do better.

4. Talk to your parents

Not every student wants to be a doctor or an engineer. Talk to your parents about what really excites you and what you want to do.

5. Choose your career wisely

Just don't choose anything just because your friends are opting for it. Think and take a decision.

6. Think Smartly

Live in the present but think about tomorrow too. It's your step for your beautiful future. Don't just go with the flow. Research enough to choose your course as well as college.

7. Take decisions patiently.

Entrance exams need patience as well as time. Take a drop if you feel you can do better. Dropping out doesn't mean you failed. It's always a chance to do better.

8. Never Overthink

Think enough but don't overthink. Don't stress out yourself. You have done better and you will do your best.

9. Breaks are important

You will get the best college but until you go to college enjoy enough with your family and friends. Sometimes breaks are important too.


By Tanya Vasta

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