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Guide to Adulting | The Project Quote

1. No 5-star restaurant can match the level of "Ghar ka khana". It has a special, irreplaceable Mom's element called love. You'll realize this too early if you're an hostellite.

2. Gather as many skills as possible. In the long term, a degree doesn't matter, skills do. First and foremost build strong communication skills. By this, I meant listening more than talking.

3. Stock as many Maggi and Coffee packets as you can. Maggi is the only savior when mess wala makes a next-level pathetic meal.

4. It's okay to fail. You can always start again. Watch ted talks, motivational videos, movies whenever you feel low. Never stop believing in yourself.

5. Save money. It'll not only help you in a financial emergency but will also give you a sense of financial freedom. After a while, you can buy those over expensive Gucci bags.

6. Believe in love but don't be blind in love. People casually pump "I love you" as they pump blood. Always choose actions over words.

7. The seniors who bullied you end up becoming one of your best friends. From teaching basics before exams to managing alcohol in the hostel, they sort everything.

8. Learn cooking. It'll help you survive almost everywhere. Make your 1st not so round roti and enjoy watching dad eating it without any complaints as if it's the most delicious thing in this world.

9.Make a few friends and commit unforgettable yet enjoyable mistakes. Don't expect them to stay forever as the "F" in BFF is a myth.

10. You would meet snakes disguised as humans. Don't give a second thought before cutting such toxic people right away.

11. Letting go is difficult but art needs to be mastered. It would be mostly the people near and dear to your heart. Let go of what gives you a negative vibe.

12. Be sure to make time for parents. They are the bedrock of our life. We often forget they are growing old. Take them to a fancy restaurant and hear mom cribbling about the prices scrutinizing the menu.

13. No matter how good you are, you'll be always a villain in someone's story.

14. Make sure to carry earphones and charger wherever you go. They are your best friends when your best friends aren't around. Listening to music is way better than taking people's trash.

15. Lastly, Invest 15 minutes from your daily routine in meditation. Trust me, it brings peace and more clarity in life.


By Nirmiti

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