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I'm an introvert and I love it - The Project Quote

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I'm an introvert and I love it as I accept life to not always be roses without thorns. ⁣

I have seen friends coming and going and ⁣I have seen relationships forming in a second and ⁣breaking in the other.

Life has seen ups and downs as if it were an elevator and I was the ropes and pulleys holding the never-ending congestion. ⁣

But But But, it still looks beautiful, you know it feels like heaven. ⁣

Like flowers blooming around with no one to pick them and ⁣

squirrels playing around as if there was no one to scare them. ⁣


You make endless mistakes and no one judges you.⁣

No one judges you, except for calling you an Introvert, where they don't know how beautiful the life of an introvert is where you are the creator and the destroyer. ⁣

Your mind is the podium of the countless stories ⁣that you knit down by seeing and learning people.⁣

And the world becomes a mere place entertaining you, all the time.


Bhawesh Chandak

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