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I want a love that is nowhere less than an adventure | The Project Quote

I want a love that is nowhere less than an adventure. A relationship that is beyond time, place, who's around, and pedestrian way.

I hope we can sip enough wine from one bottle of chardonnay to see butterflies flutter in our room at 2:00 a.m, to lend us enough crazy bubbles so we make love the entire night until 4:00 a.m when one of us want to dance on the beach, to the music of waters and pore of air and skin in kisses on the neck.

I hope it's insane enough to make me hold his hand and take rounds to let my skin peel off in layers and make him caress the parts of me no one could ever see.

I want a love where the one kiss is so passionate, so swift, so firm, so bright, so tight that our wine gets drained, and we extract passion from the salts of water under the moonlight in labor to give birth to a morning.

I want a love so symphonic that our eyes look at each other and not the sun when it is born out of the blues, where all we see on each other's body is sand sparkle and music of love on lips where I plug mine in his and the frequency just goes high.

By Cheshta Vashishtha

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