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बैठ जाती हूँ वहाँ, चाय बन रही हो जहाँ। - International Tea Day

Dear Chai,

There's a lot to say about my relationship with you, but I don't understand where should I start. You aren't only a beverage, but an emotion. You're that strength and weakness of mine for which I can fight anyone who stands in my way.

Life without you is incomplete, and I cannot imagine the day when I have to wake up to the news that "Sorry! There's no tea left for you". You're the only thing I prepare by putting my heart and soul into. When Maa taunts me saying, " You are a big girl now. You must learn how to cook", I boast about you, for I know I can survive as long as you, and I are together.

You're my favorite escape, and I run to you no matter how big or small the problem is. You're always there, from getting over the past to celebrating new beginnings. You've always been my constant, bringing me peace in this chaotic world.

Your fragrance entices me into a whole new universe. You have many companions, ginger, cardamom, spices, toast, biscuits, and many more, but I have one, that's you. I am very judgemental about your color, flavor, fragrance, but all I want is you, strong just like me.

You are enticing, and it's been years, now that you're the first thing I have in the morning. You are a savior in all kinds of pain, headache, body aches, heartache. Thanking you is never enough, for you've no idea the amount of permanence you bring into my life. You're the place to visit when I'm happy, I'm sad. Thank you for being there to save me from all the chaos.

Much love.


Someone whose blood group is tea-positive

~ बैठ जाती हूँ वहाँ, चाय बन रही हो जहाँ।

By Adity

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