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Melodies Of Ayushmann Khurrana On His Birthday | The Project Quote

To melodies by Ayushmann,

On a lonely evening, when clouds are floating up in the sky when nostalgia hits me a little high when I feel a little low when I unturn the pages of my diary, your songs let me feel love, acceptance, and gratitude.

//Pani da rang vekh ke

Ankhiyan jo hanju rul de//

The first song takes me to the suffering and pain, in all those starry nights where I used to calm myself, letting the tears flow yet I would smile. I wasn't assured I was in love still the tears and the song would be my perfect partner when I used to think about him.

//Mera Mann, Kehne Laga

Paas Aake Na Tu Door Jaa//

The second song takes me back to the time where I used to smell with the fragrance of his love. It was the old school love, and confessing it out wasn't easy. Where he was my calm, and even the reason of the butterflies, this song was the reason I still wanted to believe in my love, the attachment, the acceptance.

//Jadon ambaraan barasya paani...

Mitti di khushbu aayi//

The third song reminds me of the fights we had in our newly bloomed relationship. Where we used to fight and this song would be my companion to melt my anger away and I would just run to hold him again in my arms.

//Tu nazm nazm sa mere

Honthon pe thehar ja.. //

The fourth song takes me to our world where we were happy and cheerful. I miss those days when he always had my back and I always ruled in his dreams. Nights were romantic with him where the breezy wind carried our love letter and our lips carried our love words.

//Yahin hoon main

Yahin hoon main

Kahin na gaya tujhe chhod ke main//

The fifth song makes me believe that even though we were physically apart he was always there with me and always near me. It gave me a feeling that he never left, still there sitting in front of me adoring all my crazy things.

//Ye Duniya Mile Na Mile Humko

Khushiyan Bhaga Dengi Har Gam Ko

Tum Sath Ho Fir Kya Baaki Ho

Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho//

The sixth and the last long is my only hope where I always claim to my Shattered and broken heart of getting him back in my life. For me, the whole world settles in him and his existence is more than enough for me and my survival. This song along with our love proved that not every love story is a lie. The Beautiful melodies by Ayushman Khurana not only cheer me up but also made me believe in the saying that," Forever is never a lie".

Wishing a very warm and healthy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday, Ayushman Khurana!


The one whose playlist is owned by you.


By Tanya Vatsa & Juili Pawar

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