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Memories I wish to erase

1. Dad's bellowing voice at midnights whenever I tried to shield mom from those filthy fights.

2. The feeling of losing grandma around whom my whole world revolved. It felt like with her demise, I lost a part of myself.

3. Those days when I didn't want to see the sunrise because to my heart every ray of sunlight seemed darker than the eclipses.

4. The inability to raise my voice when I was bullied in school, because of the menstrual stains on my white skirt.

5. My first feeling of failure when I couldn't prevent my best friend from giving up on our friendship.

6. Days when I detested my own reflection in the mirror and cursed myself for my flaws.

7. The first heartbreak made me bedridden for days and shattered all my hopes to live life.

8. Witnessing those teary eyes of mom when she couldn't resist the excruciating pain inflicted on her body.

9. The inappropriate touches of my uncle who lured me with chocolates to keep it a secret.

10. Memories of my meek self who endured every injustice done to her wearing silence.

By Srilekha Mitra

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