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My Family In A Nutshell - Internation Day Of Families

Grand Parents

Never gets old to hear those stories with their cute accents.


They may bit strict but never let me leave alone, neither in chaos nor in life lessons.


We usually fight but care enough. Also, never leave a chance to tease anyone, just sibling things.


Synonyms of forever like another branch of a family tree that will never gonna break.


Probably the most blessed persons with whom I hang out anytime, especially during social functions.

Vehicles in use

Strange!!! But yes, having your own vehicle doesn’t seem less than a family member.

Home Sweet Home

A place where we spent our childhood, an apartment full of memories.

And having these precious members in my life, I feel so blessed & lucky enough for being a part of the family. Love you all.

By Divyesh Prajapati

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