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Open Letter From Period To A 13-Year-Old Girl | The Project Quote

Hello beautiful lady,

Wait? You don't know me? Ok no big deal, let's figure out by giving you my introduction

I am PERIOD, no no, not that school’s period but your body period. I become a friend of every girl who crosses there 13 birthday. So, I am here because you just hit 13, now we are best friends till you hit 45. Don't worry it's not that difficult. All that happens is “your body will lose blood from your vagina every month for 5 days with abdominal pain and cramps”

I am so sorry my dear but this is good for your health, it will maintain your hormones and body health. And yes be cautious over your dates they might change from one month to another so don't get panic and please use sanitary pads.

Important advice:

Once you had unprotected intercourse, you might not bleed, this can suggest your pregnancy so congratulation on that(OR NOT). Be cautious while intercourse, try to protect yourself with precaution.

Wait wait, why I'm giving all advance tips to a 13-year-old girl? Because society is not as supportive as you think, so you need to be aware.

And now one more thing. "PMS", that is "pre menstrual syndrome", a collection of physical and emotional symptoms before few days from periods so if it get worse try to reach your gynecologist.

Your question must be what should I do?

Here are a few tips:

Try to cheers your mood swings by watching your fav shows

Hydrated your body

Eat chocolates

This is my introduction. I hope I impress you, little girl. I love you and your health, it's easy once you get to it.

From your true love


All men in this world, if you are reading this post, please be positive and supportive to women, they need support from you all so be with them.

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