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Open Letter To Abhimanyu Roy From Meri Pyari Bindu

Dear Abhimanyu Roy,

I wish I could read this letter sitting beside you on those dusted trunk boxes in that old attic room, with your mixtape playing in the background.

I remember you standing in the rain holding Bindu's hand, staring at her, and swallowing every word that you just wanted to blurt out. Because you know, if words are to fall out, you know your heart would just slip with it. So you just stare at her, as if no words were left between you both, and she still understands every unsaid word of yours.

You made us realize that we can't hate someone we loved. Just because we don't know how to unlove them, just because we realize that we can never unlove them, we can't pretend to hate them.

Because we can't pretend longer. Someday we'll realize we can only love that person and can never hate them. We can just love them again and again, over and over, and our heart can't quit that love that once made us feel exist, that once made every breath of ours special.

I know even if you both cross paths at some random place, you'd just see her and just smile from a distance but you don't talk to her.

I know that if someone somewhere calls out her name, you'd just pause for a second and smile, but you don't turn to check it out whether it's her.

Because I think we don't need people to keep up the promise of forever, sometimes we can just keep that promise alive with all their memories.

Dear Bubla, you, your rain dance song, and rain is a perfect vibe, it's more than a romantic song and a hot chai on rainy days.

And every time it rains, I'll stand on my balcony, playing with raindrops, hearing your rain dance song, and I randomly smile remembering you both dancing in the rain.


Someone who'd remember you with every rain.

By Divya Anandan

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