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Open Letter To Coffee On International Coffee Day | The Project Quote

Dear Coffee,

The first memory that I have you is of a cold winter evening. Instead of the ginger and black pepper laced chai Ma placed you with two Good day biscuits in front of me. I took a whiff and started falling for you. Slowly, then all at once. (Ma was right. You do make me dramatic. Just a tad)

I have known you for a major part of my life and I know that we have had an on and off the relationship. Regardless, you have always had my back. Be it the nail-biting-anxiety-driven nights before the Monday morning unit tests in school or the directionless—hungover—Sunday mornings, you were there, taking me by the hand and walking me through with more warmth and less panic.

If it were up to me I would launch an expedition of an entire based on its coffee-related potential. Oh wait, Star Trek already did that.

But you get the point, right?

I am sorry that I have been avoiding you a little these days. Especially since engineering caught up with me. I know I have been spending more time in the spicy warmth of the tapri ki chai sided with a classic mild but nothing can compare to you on a rainy Friday evening when I pour you into my favourite mug, embrace it with both my hands and let the warmth seep in while I binge watch Friends for the 30th time.

You see, I might not be your most avid lover but trust me when I say that I am the most loyal one because while all my friends try hard to pull me under the scrappy — overcrowded shelter of chai, l would shake their grip off and come right back to you.



Another girl who scrunches her nose at the name “chai latte” and proudly orders a filter coffee


By Arundhati

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