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Open Letter To PUBG after it is banned in India - The Project Quote

Dear PUBG,

Dude, how are you feeling? I know, it is hurting you. It hurts me too. Yeah yeah, I know, I won't remember you after some weeks. Your friends, mini militia, call of duty, will happily take your place.

But you were special. During this Pandemic and lockdown, when there's no way to roam out, you've given me maps to explore. When there is no-one to speak, you've given me new friends to talk with. When there's no way to go out with friends to hang out, you gave us a platform to chill.

Yes, I agree you do have some side effects. You yet to be a medium to release out our anxiety, you became an addiction.

Nevertheless, every time when I used to see 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' on my screen I used to jump out of joy. The missions were tough and so worthy was the reward.

You know you became the part of my daily routine, you were never an addiction to me but a skip from this world every time I was stressed, or sad, or even angry.

Yes, it was you who always was the reason I fought with him for not picking up his calls during the games, but it was only you who kept us connected in this whole lockdown.

Today where I was calm thinking its network error hearing you were banned made me a little sad for some time. But what comes has to end. So as your journey comes to end, I accept it with all my heart, preparing myself again to play candy crush.


someone who will miss you.


Open Letter By Tanya Vatsa & Sakshi Agrawal

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