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RED: She's an extremely beautiful lady, a little self-obsessed but carries a little hint of her younger sister, Pink in the form of love. She's all about passion. Those sparkly red rubies in her necklace denote glaring danger. She's vital to all the other ones. Passion takes you towards success, the same way danger gets a lot of competitions ruled out. No, she's not an attention seeker, in fact, she's as mellow as it gets.

ORANGE: He's a guy, trapped in a woman's body. People liked tangerines and orange soda but not him. All thanks to pride month, they are getting aware of his presence in the world. He's an emotional guy, his funky blue hair and quirky clothes give out a really bad first impression but hey, at least his friends are supportive. From a flag especially meant for him to a hashtag they're always there for him. Currently pursuing a fashion degree in Brooklyn he dreams to own a boutique shop.

YELLOW: She's a playful 18 years old. Her motto is to 'live in the moment. With usually a white sundress and converses she's out and about in the park. She's often found wandering in nature's beauty on her own or with her friends and sometimes, even her clients too. With golden streaked hair in a side braid, she wears spectacles...why? Phew, psychology is hard, bruh! One by one, person by person she's teaching people to be optimistic, happy, and most importantly at peace with themselves.

GREEN: Married to Golden, he's a family-oriented guy with the most adaptive nature. He brings out the balance. He's healthy and makes others drink kale smoothie in the morning on a daily basis. He's wealthy from all perspectives- in terms of life, love, and tranquility.

INDIGO: often "complimented" as a sedative presence-he's a doctor. People give him immense respect. His smile is tantalizing, with Ashey blonde hair and a mystical aura he's every girl's dream guy. Slow songs are love for him. Also, he's asking if you've read his book...It's called "the art of anesthesia" you see what he did there? Sedative, anesthesia? Okay, bad joke.

VIOLET: she's a sensitive as well as emotional girl with a heart brimming with love, she's a social worker just like her mum. She often defines her career as a "love spreading" occupation. she believes she is made to even out the flavor of life with love-bottle guard with Nutella, Tamarind with Jam, etc. The combinations are gross...that is exactly why they hate shouldn't even exist.

WHITE: With the rain of realization, we see how great the creator is, through the droplets. With a light so divine, a creation so beautiful, a presence so magnificent. He's created them all, just like we leave a piece of ourselves in the ones we love he's there in all his creations, in all forms. That's exactly why world peace is important. Irrespective of the races, complexions, genders, religions, nationalities- peace is essential.

Pride is essential. Love is essential.

By Fizza

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