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Signs That You Are Mature Now

Maturity comes with age, but what age? We don't know. Sometimes we think we are mature, instead of doing immature stuff all the time. :p

Here are a few signs that you can look for to see if you are mature or not:

1. You don't brag about your minor achievements now. You keep your wins to yourself.

2. You don't explain yourself to people now. You stop caring about what people are talking about you behind your back.

3. You don't put unnecessary Instagram and WhatsApp stories now.

You just post something when you actually find it genuine.

4. You choose your career over your love. You try to balance both but when it comes to picking one, it's your career.

5. You don't indulge in baseless arguments now. You hear people talking ill about you and you simply pass a smile and move away. Your dignity is important.

6. You grow closer to your parents and lover than the outside world.

You choose your family over your own self.

7. You keep your circle small. You don't blindly trust anyone.

You just have two or three best friends now.

8. Your personal space is most important and nobody can interfere in that.

9. Books, music, and movies are your friends now.

You cut off your ties from selfish people.

10. You passionately love your lover and don't flirt around. You are satisfied with what you have and others don't attract you anymore.

11. You don't cry at nights now.

No matter how hurt or depressed you are, you bury them deep in your heart, ignoring your own feelings and faking smiles like no one else.


By Zayn

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