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Things every engineering student would relate to

1) Do you guys wash clothes and wear them??

Engineers smell them and the outfit for the day is decided.

2) Bro Code is next to divinity.

If your friend drinks a day before the exam, you are joining him at any cost.

3) What do you mean by revision?

Engineers study six chapters a night before the exam.

4) Front Bench doesn't exist okay?? Close your eyes if you see boys sitting there. (Not during exam season)

5) Attendance and Engineers are the best of enemies.

6) Procrastination resides in the heart, soul, and mind of every engineering student.

7) If there's anyone they have immense respect for, it's lab assistants. No jokes on him okay?

8) The best of friends and the most loyal friendships begins here. No matter in which area of earth you are stuck, your engineering friends are always with you.

9) Placements are the only festival they wait for. You'll find them in their best of clothes and jar of emotions.

10) Four years is a lifetime learning experience. It stays deep inside in your soul. Something they cherish forever.

By Isma Zafar

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