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Aaj Din Chadeya - Love Aaj Kal - Song Synopsis - The Project Quote

Love. It is that feeling which creates hope in us, to embrace ourselves in one another.

It is an obsession where you want to talk, see, and meet every day. But, what about Long Distance relationships? #IrshadKamil describes the separation of you from your love in a very beautiful way. He inserts a simple seed of belief within us that love is unbiased and if it is, then there needs to be justification to it.

"Aj din chadeya, tere rang warga,

Phul sa hai khila aaj din"

And then, it starts with a beautiful morning rising in her favourite colors. She, on the other hand, blooming like a flower, for the first meet. The one who was always seen in the dreams will be standing in front. She wishes the day never to end and want to embrace the 'one' since he has come leaving the whole world behind him to make her wishes come true. How pure can love be? It's impressive at its best.

"Baksha gunaho ko, Sun ke duwao ko,

Rabba pyar hai, Tune sab ko hi de diya"

And then there is a sudden longing in my heart that someday you would crawl beside me and free me from all the sins, hearing my fears too, opening doors to places I've not been to where things won't come back like a boomerang to me. And eventually, that door led her to him, who made her believe that sooner or later, love will find its way. Love is for everybody, and everyone has the right over it.

"Manga jo mera hai, Jata kya tera hai

Maine kaun si tujhse jannat mang li

Kaisa khuda hai tu, Bas nam ka hai tu

Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali"

Because "Aaj Din Chadeya" is more like a conversation between God and the person in love. It sparks a fire and questions when she is denied her set of desires, saying she hasn't asked for the entire heaven. This song gives us hope and even snatches it from us. For once, it lets us crave the love, and the next it wants it to be taken away. But, this song has always provided me with solace whenever my heart did any wrong. Because on some nights, you would want Love most uncertainly, and on that day, this song will always come to your rescue.

By Ojaswi

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