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Things only a food lover can relate to | The Project Quote

1. Food is your BFF, it can lift up your mood at any time.

2. No matter how much you want to diet, one glance at something mouthwatering can destroy your whole plan.

3. You probably know every restaurant and street food stall in your city.

4. You love trying out new dishes and satisfy your appetite.

5. Sharing food with someone is something you absolutely avoid.

6. You're never satisfied with 3 meals in a day. You need something to munch on in between too. Especially midnight snacks.

7. There are always jars and food packets in your room.

8. You can cherish your food anytime and anywhere.

9. Your gallery is full of various dishes you've tried.

10. You never hurry up while eating, instead you savor it, enjoying every bite and let it spread its flavor completely.

11. Until now, your mouth has already started watering and you're looking for something to eat now. Isn't it? ;)

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