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Things only Engineers would understand | Engineers Day | The Project Quote

Here are the few things that only engineers can understand:

1. Relationship Status

Has strong feelings(of love) for Chai and Sutta.

2. Birth —> Beta please fix this phone/laptop/fridge/bulb —> Death

3. Laughs at friends (not engineers) when they complain about workload (cries internally)

4. Spends an hour solving a Maths problem. Walks out of the exam hall hoping for step marking.

5. Works for twists to finish an assignment —> walks into the lab with bloodshot eyes —> dozes off during viva.

6. "Like I’m the only girl in the world.", said (not Rihanna) every female engineering student ever (except for IT)

7. Worships members of the "Training and Placement Cell" for 3 years. Finds out they are as useless as you are in the final year.

8. Wakes up at 9:25 —> brushes —> shaves —> change clothes —> sprays half a can of deodorant —> runs —> reaches class by 9:30.

9. Survival technique: Ctrl+C —> Ctrl+V (pre-requisite: Be friends with the class topper)

10. Does not study for VIVA, and throws every big word in the viva that they remember from the class.

11. Shares a bond so close with the batch-mates that they cry like a baby on graduation day. (Even hugs the professors)


By Arundhati

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