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Things Which You Believe Only After Experiencing | The Project Quote

There are certain things which you only believe after experiencing, no matter how many times people warn you. Here is the list of those things:

1. You can still be happy if you are alone: It's not rocket science to become happy by yourself, you just have to find things where your happiness lies other than people and Boom! You will get your smile back.

2. You can live without your mobile phone: Believe me when i say you can.

3. No one loves you more than you Mom: No friend, No lover, It's your mom who loves you, who can't see you cry and is there for you every time.

4. Every friend of yours is not a real friend: you know at a certain point in time you will realize that not every friend is really a friend, you just know them.

5. Everything happens for a reason: Enough said :)


By Sudarshan Roy

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