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To All The People I Love - International Day Of Families


You all are peacefully living in heaven, but I still miss you so much. Thank you for pouring all the values and love into me.


Whatever I'm today is just because of how you both have brought me up. You can surely get a better child, but I can never have parents like you.


Growing up with you has made everything easier, and you're the reason I know men and society very well.


You're my angel I couldn't even imagine how I have survived all these years if god hasn't sent you in Mumma's lap.


You have made me believe true love exists and it's beautiful if handled by both ways equally. And always been with me.


You all have cheered my bad mood and loved me unconditionally just because I needed you.

Best Friends

You spoiled me to a dead end. And your presence makes everything more excited and happy.


Sometimes I don't like you all, but I know in the end, you stand with me. And blood is always better than water.


You all taught me so much in life, some good and some bad lessons. But being around you always gives knowledge.


You deserve much more respect than you get. I apologize if I shouted out of frustration, but you're part of my family.


I can read, write and understand just because of you all. The knowledge and respect I earned belong to you all.


I once interacted with- vendors, shopkeepers, rickshaw pullers, and everyone I can't mention. I'm so thankful to you for cooperating with such a cunning person like me.

Everyone I've lost

I don't have you all now, but you all are special to me because you all gave me reasons to move ahead and grow stronger every day.

By Sakshi Shukla

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