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To My Mother, Who Is My Constant And Forever

Dear Maa,

I'm out of words as I feel so gleeful and blessed to have you in my life. I'm just writing out one-fourth of my heart because writing out my whole heart will take an endless number of words. To be honest, maa, you can't be defined in words because you are a feeling, an emotion, but I'm going to try anyway. I know you love me and chastise me for making me a better person every day.

I never mentioned it to you, but you're a fighter, Mom. You never give up. Cook, clean, buy supplies for the household, wash clothes, and work so hard all day, but still, that pretty smile on your face never disappears.

You know me better than anybody else. You are and will always be an inspiration to me, maa. Your boundless love makes me forget about all my fears and worries. Do you know that apart from being a responsible maa, daughter, and wife, you are also the most beautiful and best person in the world?

I never noticed what you do at home, but today I want to salute you because only a mother like you can handle all the things so well. You're the also only one who loves me more than dad does, nine months longer. You never complain or ask for more, eat meals after serving us, work more than Paa, and never ask for a day off. How do you do this mom? Your selfless love for us melts my heart and, that is what explains about you.

I still remember the day in second grade when you scolded me so harshly for failing to tell you the essentials of the rainy season that I burst into tears. Perhaps that incident is the only reason I'm a good student at my school. You are solely responsible for my lovely handwriting because you only allowed me to draw freehand on the walls of our house, without regard for decoration. Hundreds of certificates are stacked in my wardrobe only because of your efforts, maa. You dressed me up for my competitions, did my make-up even when you didn't know how, fed me dahi cheeni for good luck, always kissed my forehead before my farewell, and all of this made me win almost every competition entered. You are the sole reason for my success.

You taught me:

  • What true happiness is

  • To walk, to be self-dependent, to clean, to work, to read, to write, and to hold yourself in difficult phases too.

  • To live life openly like a bird, never allowing others to suffocate you or your desires.

  • To walk with my eyes down because the ego will make us fall to the ground if we walk with our eyes up

  • The difference between self-love and love for others

  • To believe in yourself and to prioritize others first.

  • To sing and dance on those old melodies, whenever we feel like singing and dancing

  • To appreciate every moment of our lives.

  • To do whatever our heart says, as today is all we have

Sometimes I yell at you, I upset you, but after a while, I'm the only one who regrets the most. I apologize for being resentful or disappointing you at times, mother. I am sorry if I ever made you feel low. Please accept my apologies for all the mistakes I have committed.

I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me and with me, maa. You proved that mothers are a true blessing, maa. You grew me up, from educating me about the universe to being my whole world.

Thank you maa for always being with me and for me, for giving me birth, for existing, for those precious gifts, for shielding me from papa's scoldings, for all those journeys, for all those surprises you gave me, for being my best mother, for all the everlasting love and care you bestow upon me, and, most importantly, for every moment of my life.

From the beginning to the finish, I am yours and you are mine. I love you beyond words, just as you are, and never want to lose you, maa.

From the one, who is your huge fan

Yours munchkin, daughter

By Bhumika Mehra

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