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13 Years of The Big Bang Theory | The Project Quote

Dear big bang theory,

“It’s maths, science, history, unraveling the mystery and it all started with the big bang“ and indeed led to the evolution of a place filled with laughter encircling the lives of 7 beautiful souls that made us laugh our hearts out with smile so electric so an ampere of current that glowed with voltage the lives of millions!

Who would have ever thought that a group of nerdy guys who finds happiness in playing board games and reading the latest edition of comic books with a zest for action movies, turn out to be our heroes in times when sadness crept upon us and make us feel like a part of their group sitting in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment (well obviously not on Sheldon’s spot) with each day specifies for its activities.

Let me start with Dr. Sheldon Cooper. You taught things I could never even count, that it was okay to be different from others, to not be able to understand emotional cues, yet mention all your gratitude towards your friends the day you achieved everything you longed for since you were a kid (but with an IQ way ahead), to love with all of your heart even though it’s late (Amy was truly your soulmate), that you can be both a prodigy and an exciting person at the same time is no bazzinga!

You are the person who doesn't like changes around him(at first, but then you adjusted with the changes), is as innocent as a kid, and loves trains more than anything yet intelligent enough to present his paper to Dr. Stephen Hawkins and win the noble prize he deserved. You are a hero to many.

To Leonard, who had the patience to hold on to regimes and roommate contracts of Sheldon, one who had if the heart of gold though was short of love from his mother since childhood, although had a rough time in high school, but came out as the best person one could and the most honored man to convey his wishes at graduation in his school, who loved penny in the most selfless way one could with a sweet gesture of the snowflake that melted our hearts!

To Penny, who taught us that you might have your falls in career, you might not be able to shine in the field you dreamt of but it is okay to look for other opportunities to grow. She valued sentiments more than appearances, she is gorgeous inside out and made us believe there’s a gem like Leonard for every Penny. You might not be the science nerd but were someone with life experiences way more than them!

To Howard, who taught us, it was okay to live with your parents in your late 20s, and that having a broken childhood can still mean you would be a great parent, who wooed us all with his magic tricks and was proud of her wife having a Ph.D. and not scared enough to go into space and was someone who although teased Raj but couldn’t think of anyone else as his kid’s godfather!

To Raj, who traveled to a different continent and shined just like the stars he studied in astrophysics, who made us know it’s okay to have a feminine caring nature and concerns, pets are the partners for life, at last, learned to live an independent life off of his parents’ back, although it might mean shifting to a garage or much smaller place but to live with respect and that it’s okay to feel soulmates do exist because there’s something beyond science too!

To Bernadette and Amy, who proved to be a beauty with brains, discovering their fun side and learned there was more to life else than studies, your never too short to be dazzling or ravishing in layers of polyester, playing the harp, and counting no.of bacilli in the microscope and locating brain neoplasm to wining a noble prize that women are just as accomplished in a scientific field and inspired many beautiful brains to aim high!

To Stuart, the guy with amazing artistic skills and kept going no matter how tough situations got!

Thank you for making us all fall in love with ourselves and believe that we are all fun in a universe of parallel dimension, I haven’t watched star wars, but aye-aye to you guys!

Thanks for making us know some decisions are like Schrodinger’s cat experiment, you won’t know until you open the box, I just wish we could see you all dining together with chit chat in a room of fixed thermostat because my heart is still stuck there in a beautiful experiment I call life!


The girl who loves physics even more now and knocks thrice and offers hot beverages when my friends have a rough day!


By Shruti Yadav

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