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Mother's Day Playlist

1. 'Maa' from Taare Zameen Par

Maa is a quintessential song for mother's day reflecting a child's agony over his separation from his mother. The song captures the unvoiced feelings of an introverted child through a grief-stricken ballad. While the absence of his mother stings every ounce of his heart, he reminisces his mother's ability to read his mind and understand him on days when everyone, including his father, abandoned him. This song secures a special place in our hearts as it portrayed the mother as an embodiment of light in a child's life.

2. 'Meri Maa' from Yaariyan

This song beautifully reflects the indispensableness of a mother in our lives. From wiping tears off our faces when we used to get hurt to being there for us through thick and thin, Meri Maa is an ode to motherhood. Maa is an iron lady, who has the solution for every problem in our life, has been so soulfully expressed through the lines of the song, that the warmth generated by this song still lingers in our hearts.

3. Luka Chuppi from Rang de Basanti

Luka Chuppi is like a conversation between a mother and her son. While the mother's weary eyes lament searching for her son(whom she still believes to be a kid) who doesn't return even after sunset, the son assures her mother that he is in a haven with open skies where he could fly, which is synonymous to freedom for him resembling the innocence of the stories she narrated to him when he was a child. While the prolonged waiting makes the mother's soul battered and her dirge intensifies, the son's explanation of his dreamland with nature's exquisite beauty etches poetry disguised in a melody in our soul.

4. Chunar from ABCD2

Chunar is a song of gratitude to mother. A song enriched by emotions portraying how a mother's scarves always shield us when we are subjected to the scorns and judgment of society. The song captures a saga of motherhood, the color of their love equalized to the color of victory this unrequited love brought. Chunar is like a hymn expressing the divine presence of the mother in our lives thus making us feel sublime.

5. Meri Pyaari Ammi from Secret Superstar

Singing this song to your mother on days when you both have a fight will definitely curve her lips into a smile, taking away all the frown off her face. The song is an eclogue weaved of all the qualities which mothers possess acknowledging the fac,t how mothers complete us by standing beside us, like a strong pillar protecting us from all the perils of life, having equal shares of all our emotions be it happiness, grief or anxiety. This song proves that our mother is the epitome of Wonder Woman.

6. Mumma from Dasvidaniya

Mumma is yet another song of praise for mothers where they are reflected as a house of prayers that can melt the shackles of sorrow in a child's heart. The lines of the song when it describes how in the reprimand of mothers reside hidden love for their children really touches our heart with Kailash Kher's voice embellishing our emotions.

7. Aisa Kyun Maa from Neerja

Aisa Kyun Maa is a song rejuvenating our childhood memories and making us yearn to relive those days when mothers used to hold our tiny little fingers teaching us how to walk, lifted us in their arms, and even gently scolded us. Being an adult when we miss mother's love and care and search for a home in those memories, wanting to be hidden in her bosom since the absence of motherly love makes us feel lonely, the pathos evoked in this song really pierces our heart as we realize how growing up sometimes makes us distant from our mother, our home(where we can vent all our emotions) thus making us cherish every little moment we spend with her at present.

By Srilekha Mitra

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