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Open letter to Zaroon Junaid (Fawad Khan) from the show Zindagi Gulzar Hai - The Project Quote

To the most admirable character of all time,


This letter is not to talk about how adorable and charming you were or how loving you were as a husband. I would rather like to thank you for breaking so many stereotypes with this character. You proved to everyone that not every rich kid is a spoiled brat with your down to earth and amiable demeanor with all.

Thank you for prioritizing emotions and relationships over materialistic objects and making us realize that luxuries can never bring happiness and contentment.

Most importantly, you showed that love requires no status symbol that too in a society where you were criticized for loving someone below your financial stature.

While everyone pointed out your non-flexibility towards comfort, you let them down by "sleeping tight in a meager bedroom under a ceiling fan and handwash choddhkar saste sabun se haath dhona" with the cutest smile and so much warmth in your eyes.

With your humbleness, you pulled Kashaf out of the insecurities of her background and financial status so gracefully.

You shut down the fingers pointing at you for being a chauvinist cause had you been one, you would never have fallen deeply and intensely in love with such a strong and independent woman. You uplifted her from the guilt of giving birth to twin daughters with your ecstatic fatherly love towards your princesses and ever after wala love for your queen.

Maybe at some point, you had a tad bit of the manly ego but I guess it takes the right woman for a man to bow down with awe and respect and after all "wo unn chandd auraton mein se thi jinki tum dil se izzat karte the...."

You tamed the shrew with your flattery and simplicity. And talking of simplicity, let's not forget "ki pehli baar tum apni biwi se button taakne par mutasir hue the." You always fell for the bittiest of gestures.

Your journey from a chocolate boy to the most imperfectly perfect spouse stole our hearts and made us fall in love with you.

Thank you for defining life.

Zindagi wakai gulzar hai.


By Mehak Ahuja

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