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POV: "World Was Never Ready For A Pandemic", Clear message as COVID-19 cases cross 500,000 - TPQ

Live animal wet market in China. Image Credits: New York Times

What started from a local live animal wet market at Wuhan in China has now infected more than half-a-million people worldwide. The new coronavirus has infected more than 5,37,000 and took lives of more than 24,100 globally. The cases of COVID-19 have been reported from more than 150 countries. The WHO had already declared it a pandemic.

China is able to control the virus

China, the country where the virus originated from, has controlled its outbreak after it infected around 81,000 people and killed around 3280 people. According to the news coming out of China, the situation is becoming normal. Factories are reopened, businesses are running, offices are operating and people are not fearful anymore.

China's President Xi Jinping inspecting coronavirus on Feb 10. Image Credits: Foreign Policy

Some people blame China for hiding information about the virus from the world and that helped the virus to spread globally. As it seems like China is recovering from the deadly virus, other countries are suffering more than China.

Affected Countries

Italy is the worst affected country as of now with over more than 80,500 cases and 6,200 deaths. The number of cases in Italy increased with an alarming rate in three weeks after the country registered its first positive coronavirus case.

The numbers of cases are rapidly increasing in the USA, Spain, Germany, France, and Iran. Yesterday, the USA registered more than 10,000 new cases while Italy, Spain, and Germany registered around 6,000 new cases.

Future of the virus

There are no vaccines available for the virus as of now and experts say that there are no chances to make a vaccine and spread it to the world before 2021. Yes, that's right. So we have to wait another 9 months for the vaccine if and only if everything went well.

The only thing that we can do right now is to stop its contamination until the vaccine is ready. We have to identify each and every single person carrying the virus, isolate them, and cure them. As I write this, I understand how bigger the task is but the virus had already crossed all the borders and spread in the community.

We can only predict its future. But this is a sign that the world needs to improve its health care facilities. As Bill Gates says "We should be afraid of Microbes, not Missiles". We all need to prepare ourselves to save the human race from the next pandemic.

Clear Statement: The World Was Never Ready For A Medical Emergency

With more than half-million cases and thousands of deaths all around the world, there is one thing that we can clearly understand is that "The World is not ready for health emergencies."

While the countries in the world are fighting with their neighbors, the people of different religions are fighting with each other, there is a common enemy rising for all of us. Not just in the form of a virus such as a coronavirus but also in the form of Climate Change, Global Warming, Water Scarcity, Pollution, and many more.

The human race does not take these things seriously. There are very few talks about Climate Change that are slowly going to destroy our planet.

"We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.", said Barack Obama.

POV by Vaibhav Rai

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Cover Image Credits: The Guardian

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