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I am not good at giving advice in life so I am making you take interest in a "Stop scrolling and read" the content kind a stuff. Here's me telling you why you should watch the F.R.I.E.N.D.S over and over again.

1. How can you let yourself grow when you don't let your mind blow?

The moment you'll see them sitting on the couch in central perk you'll know that this is your gang and your situations that they are showing. You will realise that this is everything that has happened or will or can happen with anyone.

2. People may come and go in life but Friends are forever.

With each episode completion you'll get to know that no matter what you do or where go and how many people you come across..!! Some people will never leave you instead they'll welcome you to the real world and help you love it cause it sucks.

3. Food over everything

Not a single minute will go by without the FOOD here. No matter how full you are...!! Joey will never let you live without food and if you don't love to the level he does..!! Don't worry,joey got it all covered.

4. It's okay to fall in and out of love with your best friend.

Ross and Rachel set the best example in the human history for falling in and out of love with your best friend.They will tell you that There's is nothing wrong to love the best person of your life with all your heart as they love you back but if there comes a situation where you no longer feel that way..!!! You have the right to express yourself and step back and they'll accept your decision with open arms.

5. You will get your MAGIC BEANS.

Out of all the people you'll ever come across in your entire life..!! You'll figure out yourself that you had your magic beans by your side all the time,all it will take will be a random talk with a acasual friend about how you handle your life so beautifully.

6. You'll be the king/queen of SARCASM.

Okay so let me make it very clear that CHANDLER is the king of SARCASM amd will be till the ned of the universe. He'll make you feel like he is that inside soul of yours who is the most uncomfortable person with the world yet you are the happiest cause sarcasm got your back.


There will a few people in your life whom you hate the most but can't stay away from them cause you don't wanna hurt their feelings because you are true gem so all you do is keep meeting them until one day they themselves back out of the situation making you free till eternity.

(Also 15,Yemen Road,Yemen is a backup place if you wanna hide from them till eternity)

8. You'll meet Your Richard before you fall for your Chandler.

Just like the magic frog you'll meet one Richard before you find your Chandler. Richard will feel like the love of all your lives but when he will leave you..!!! Your True love will walk into your arms and you'll know that he/she is your Chandler.

9. Without Fighting you can't be best friends by blood.

You have to,i mean literally have to fight with your best friend on a regular basis as these 6 cuties do only to make yourself remember that you guys are just a flat pizza base without any toppings or joey to deal with you.

10. It is the Best Sitcom in the history of Sitcoms and human existence

As you'll walk through that purple door one last time you'll be flooded with the memories you made with Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica, and remember that no matter what happens or where life takes you, you'll always find the Chandler to your Monica, Phoebe to your Inner child, Joey to your food love and Ross to your Rachel.

P.S: Did I just poured my heart out for you to watch FRIENDS?


Written By Aqsa

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