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What Will Remain Open And Closed During 21 Days Lockdown? - The Project Quote News

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister of India announced that the whole country will remain lockdown effective from Wednesday for 21 days. In his speech to the nation, he ensured everyone that the state and central government will take care of the supply of all essential goods.

The guidelines were issued from Home Ministry after the speech. All essential services will operate during the lockdown such as shops of groceries, meat, vegetables, fruit, chemist. The ATM's, banks, petrol, CNG pumps will also remain open.


- Petrol, CNG, LPG, PNG pumps

- Banks, insurance offices, print, and electronic media

- Disaster management

- Power transmission units

- Police, home guards, defense, and armed forces

- Electricity, water, and sanitation

- Hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, ATMs will continue to work

- Shops dealing with food, groceries, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, and animal fodder

- Capital and debt market services as notified by SEBI


- All transport services to remain suspended during the lockdown period

- Hospitality services

- Railway services will be suspended till April 14

- Educational, social, political institutions

- Not more than 20 people permitted during funerals

- All private offices

- Offices of state/ Union territory government and autonomous bodies

- Offices of the government of India and public corporation

By Vaibhav Rai

The list is taken from LiveMint

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