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Gulabi Aankhein | Song Synopsis | The Project Quote

Whether 60 or 16, there is in everyone's heart, the lure of love.

Gulabi Aankhein is a song for everyone who has lost their sobriety and felt intoxicated by the madness of love at some point in their lives.

Whether it's the art of paintings, sculptures and illustrations, or the art of music, theatre, and literature, all of us feel connected to it in some way or the other. But the art of eye contact often goes unrecognized and unappreciated.

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi

Sharabi ye dil ho gaya....

You see love always, always finds a way to touch your heart. Love often comes as the light in someone's eyes whom you barely even know. Just one look in their eyes, and you'll find yourself wandering in elysian fields.

"Sambhalo mujhko O mere yaaron

Sambhalna mushkil ho gaya"

We love them. We hate them. We like them. We hate them. We feel they're stupid. We think they're wonderful. We feel everything all at once. And when this madness comes home with us, we make a distress call to our friends seeking their help because we're in no way ready to deal with the insanity.

"Tujhpe fida main kyun hua

Aata hai gussa mujhe pyaar pe"

Often we blame love. We get mad at love for coming unannounced in our lives when we are the ones that go crazy for that special person in our lives. But you see that's the thing about love. It'll always make you wonder if it couldn't even make you insane, was it even love?

We might try to stop the rain. We might try to catch the sun but no matter how much we try to hide and run from love, we always end up getting found. So we let love in. Love lets us in because sometimes there's just no cure for the crazy.


By Amit Singh

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