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Letter To Amitabh Bacchan From An Ardent Follower Who Never Misses His KBC Episodes

Jo insaan maanavta ki ahem chadi ban swayam prakashit hota jaaye

Jo insaan jeete jee har insaan ki aabru ka tanmay hissa banta jaaye

Jo insaan mashhoor hoke bhi kisi ki keemat na lagaye bas sabke saath milkar pyar aur samajh ki maala piroye

Jo insaan dheer saajha karna sikhaye

Jo insaan har mushkil ghadi me ek aawaz bane

Hum sabki taaqat ka kahi baar ek roop, ek mijaaz bane

Unka janmdin hai aaj

Happy Birthday Amitabh Bachchan Ji

From being a lover yourself in the '70s and 80s to strictly following family protocols, your every role has always set an emotional pace in our hearts. The first movie i saw was Baghban, i can never get enough of this phenomenal iconic movie where every inherited role has a lot to speak and a lot to learn where i promised myself on a very same day to be a modest child forever for my parents. 

My Mother loved your movies much more than the intense love she has for songs. Zee Cinema is yet her favorite channel as they play most of your movies and we all watch the utmost of your movies together every time just like you're a member of our house and we can't miss watching and enjoying every bit of your act. I still sometimes peek a little from the window while cooking when movies like "Sholay", "Mohobbatein", "Don", "kabhi khushi kabhi gham" or "paa" or "cheeni kam" is on screen.

Love for mother, love for a brother, choosing family above everyone has always been showcased in movies but your actions spoke more to the audience's heart, and the utmost families, relations, were secured by then. Movies like Pink, Badla, Satyagraha, Black, Waqt has set another motivation plot to take a stand and your monologues are remarkably written every time whenever we need inspiration.

Your contribution towards the organizations, from charitable donations to being an Organ donor and wearing the 'ribbon of its sanctity'' is a strength for the public to contribute moreover.

Dear Amit Ji, I'm no good with words or sharing letters to my favorite people but writing one for you has always been my dream from before.

It has and will always be my pleasure to admire not just a legendary actor but a wholehearted person.


An ardent follower who never misses your KBC episodes


By Sonal Ramchandani

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